Time Bender Slots

Time Bender Slots

Science Fiction fans may want to strap on their phasers and grab a towel before they head off to spin the reels in space while playing Time Bender Slots. This title from Arrow's Edge is the latest in a string of instantly successful and critically acclaimed games from the developer; anyone who has ever spun the reels in any of the company's other great titles won't want to miss the nudging wilds, exciting bonus feature, progressive jackpots and the new Colossal Symbols Feature in Time Bender Slots.

A Simplified Betting System

Like certain other games from Arrow's Edge, Time Bender Slots offers a fixed wagering system that simplifies the betting process considerably. Players only need to choose an amount for each spin of the reels; there is no need to worry about the number of paylines or how many coins to bet per line in this game. While some high-rollers may not be pleased with the highest-possible bet, those who keep at it over time may come to enjoy the system.

Graphics and Theme in Time Bender Slots

The name, "Time Bender" may conjure images of classic science fiction movies in the heads of players and the game does not disappointment in this fashion. The Ace through 10 symbols are designed with bright, neon green edges that perfectly match the background of the play screen area. Gamers will also find mysterious aliens, celestial bodies and black holes on the reels in Time Bender Slots.

Offering Out of this World Bonus Content

Arrow's Edge may be a young company in terms of how long it has been producing slot titles, but the company is already known for its bonus features by both those in the industry and those who have played them.

  • The Colossal Symbols Feature is like no other; on all regular spins, some symbols will be randomly highlighted and a special re-spin bonus game will trigger when they are. Reels two, three and four will all turn into one single, massive symbol and the re-spin is guaranteed at least one payline winner. If the symbol on the first reel creates a win, another re-spin will be awarded; this part of the feature is indefinite. The game also has stacked wilds and a Nudge Feature that pushes them to fill an entire column.
  • When the Whirling Bonus icon appears during a Colossal re-spin, the bonus game, Rings of Time, will begin. In Rings of Time, players must work their way from the outermost ring toward the center without turning any ring red, which ends the bonus round. Last but certainly not least, Time Bender has the potential to award two random progressive jackpots; the Cash Grab Jackpot is worth $2,000 to $5,000, while the Super Slots Jackpot could reach as high as $45,000.

Perfect for Bonus Feature Lovers

Bettors who choose what games they play based on the bonus features available will be overjoyed when they discover Time Bender Slots. Each bonus feature is uniquely packed with the high-quality excitement that gamblers crave, and landing them both could lead to significantly profitable results. Time Bender has the potential to quickly become a long-time favorite of many gamblers and may end up being one of the best games released yet by Arrow's Edge.