Jane's Farm Slots

Jane needs your help to feed her hens and milk her cows and keep away the naughty fox from the hen house. Although all seems calm and peaceful on Janes Farm, there is danger lurking within. Are you willing to move to the countryside and help Jane feed her pigs and animals on the farm and look for the treasures all at once? Are you brave enough to take on the old fox and win lots of prizes at the same time? If you are capable of multitasking, then the place to be at is at Jane's Farm where you won't have time to relax but you will be in for a very interesting and exciting time in the countryside.

Welcome to the countryside and enjoy the smells of the country air. Join Jane in her daily tasks as you search for the hidden treasure. Does the country life appeal to you? Then come down to Jane's Farm and find out. Live the life of a farmer and enjoy all the joys and mishaps that come with the package. Play your favourite game as you milk the cows, pick up the eggs from under the hens, feed the pigs and become Jane's little helper. Get ready to leave the dreary city life behind with its traffic and pollution and enter the fresh, clean of the countryside. Your day starts when the sun rises and ends when the sun sets.

Jane's Farm Slots is played with 21 games and pay line wins are multiplied by the amount staked per pay line. All the bonus wins are then added to the pay line wins. Any other wins on different pay lines are also added to the pay lines. The symbols pay from left to right only. Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols except for the bonus symbol, free spins symbol and milk bottles symbol. The substitute for the wild symbol is the symbol that pays the highest possible winning combination according to the pay table.

In Jane's Farm Slots you can trigger the free spins in two ways. You can trigger the free spins from the main game by getting 3 free spins symbols. A selector will pop up after the pay lines are shown. They can also be triggered from the bonus game if you hit an egg in the free spins power up. Then the selector will only pop up after the bonus round ends.

When you trigger the free spins, you can choose one of these three options which show the free spins mode given. You can either choose 10 free spins with a 3 x multiplier, 15 free spins with a 2 x multiplier or 30 free spins with a 1 x multiplier.

During the free spins you will see the milk bottle feature. You must collect the milk bottles during the free spins round. If you find 3 milk bottles, you will be awarded 3 additional free spins, if you find 6 milk bottles, you will be awarded 3 additional free spins and an additional 3 x multiplier (this will remain until the end of the free spins session). The milk bottle count is set to 0 each time a free spins round starts.

If you find 3 bonus symbols, these will trigger the bonus round. You must drop 3 eggs to drop one at a time, by clicking or tapping on any one of the three chickens at the top of the coop. The egg will fall down the coop, bouncing in different directions and it will fall into one of the 5 holes at the bottom. Each hole reveals a prize. When the falling egg hits a +1 or a +2 power up, 1 or 2 extra eggs are awarded respectively. When the free spins power up are it by an egg, one of the three free spins modes session is granted at random. You will play the free spins after the bonus round ends. The free spins power up becomes inactive for the rest of the bonus round. The eggs which hit +1, +2 or free spins will also grant a prize when they fall into a hole. Jane's Farm Slots has two jackpots. These are the Mystery Jackpot and the Super Slots Jackpot.

Jane's Farm Slots is a great game to play. You are kept in suspense as the eggs tumble slowly into their respective holes revealing the prizes underneath. You could even trigger off the free spins and get a greater chance of winning more money. The graphics are great and colourful while at the same time comical and are sure to bring a smile to your lips. So go ahead, try your luck at Jane's Fart Slots today and watch and wait as the hens reveal the prizes under the eggs.