Pixiu Slots

Pixiu Slots

Pixiu is a fun little online slot game that's supposed to represent the fictional Chinese creature known as the Pixiu. This is lion with wings and it's pretty cool looking. Anyway, Pixiu is a slot with pretty nice looking symbols and shows off this unique lion symbol among others. The slot only has three reels, and is designed for simplicity, but offers some pretty decent payouts as well. Gamblers that are interested in winning big from a smaller slot game will enjoy what this one has to offer.

A Smaller Slot Game

This three reel slot isn't exactly a classic slot game, but more of a downsized video slot game. The slot has three reels, but has five paylines as well that you can turn on and off. It's possible to wager a wide range of amounts from as little as $0.02 to a whopping $250.00 per spin, so choose a level that you're comfortable with and get going.

A Tiered Slot Experience

Pixiu is a unique slot game because it is split into different levels. Every 25 spins you'll move up to the next level until you finally reach the highest level on spin number 76. At that point you can unlock the biggest prizes available in the game and you have the best winning opportunities overall. This is the level that you want to be at every time that you play the slot game for the best prizes, so make sure you have a bankroll large enough to get you to that level.

Playing the Special Bonuses

There are three different bonus options in Pixiu that you can unlock when you get three of the coin symbols on the reels at the same time. If you do that you can choose to get a predetermined prize payout, to get a series of free spins or to play through the special bonus game. You'll get anywhere from 10 free spins to 25 free spins depending on the level that you're currently on in the game.

The special bonus game gives you the chance to unlock some nice prizes. When the bonus round begins there are four gold coins and four jade coins. You need to choose coins at random and if they are good they will make the Pixiu grow larger and you'll get a prize payout. If the coin turns to stone the round will end and you'll be finished choosing coins.

The Progressive Jackpots

Pixiu has a series of three different progressive jackpots, each one is worth a different amount and they can be triggered randomly after any turn. The Cash Grab jackpot pays out between $2,000 and $5,000 when it's triggered. The Mystery Jackpot always pays out right when it hits $10,000 and there's no way of knowing what amount that jackpot is currently sitting at. Finally there is the Super Slots Jackpot, which usually pays between $40,000 and $45,000, making it the best to win by far.

Pixiu is a nice looking slot game that seems simple on the surface, but actually has a lot going on as you play through the rounds. It's a lot of fun to play and worth testing out at least once. If you're interested in trying a new Chinese-themed slot game, Pixiu could be worth a look or two.