Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots

Betsoft's Max Quest is one of the most popular online slot series in the industry, giving players the chance to find hidden treasures and thrills. In the new Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots, players are taken on a jungle adventure of mystery and excitement. This five-reel bonus video slot from Betsoft has a jungle military theme, thrilling bonus opportunities, and coin size value choices that include $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and $0.02. Players have the opportunity to win up to 6,000x their wager, which makes the possibilities quite lucrative.

Interactive Symbols & Game Play In Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots

This innovative online slot game is extremely interactive. Players will have the chance to upgrade their tools and weapons throughout the game, as their enemies get stronger after each win. Symbols of Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots include Carnivorous Ant, Skullbreaker, Primal King, Stone Guardian, and the Spider Queen. Players will see their health, XP level, and rate of enemy kills. In order to kill an enemy, the player will have to click on the target. Players can purchase crates that are full of weapons they can use to kill more enemies. When an enemy is killed, the player can also take their weapon. Weapon strength and endurance vary from weapon to weapon, however. The highly coveted weapons include mine launchers, flamethrowers, plasma guns, artillery, and lasers. Each player begins with a pistol and a shotgun, however. The more enemies a player kills, the more XP points they'll be awarded.

How To Win Cash In Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots

The way to win cash in this exciting online slot game is by shooting down the enemy and collecting the reward. There are five quests that come with this game, with each one of the quests giving the player three different items they must collect in order to master the particular quest. In addition, enemies sometimes drop gems that will provide players with an instant reward. The monetary value of each gem varies from enemy to enemy. If you are interested in playing an online slot game that is indeed like no other, Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots is an excellent choice for you. It allows players to be extremely interactive in their gameplay, giving them a more meaningful role in the application of playing the game itself. Players who like video games will indeed find this format extremely appealing.