Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove Slots

Players can now sail the great Caribbean seas, seeking out a secret island full of hidden gold in Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove Slots. This five-reel video bonus slot from Betsoft features an underwater adventure theme, with players able to win up to 6,000 their original line bet. The coin size options of the game make it affordable for all players and include values of $0.01, $0.02, $0.50, $0.25, $0.10, and $0.05. Players will fight against King Brutus and his hoard of crabs and rats to find his hidden treasures and take home enormous prizes in this thrilling adventure slot game.

Interactive Slots Are More Than The Spin Button - Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove Slots

One thing some online players are thrilled to learn when they first try interactive slot games is that there is more to do in these games than simply hitting a "spin" button. Players will have to use their mouse in Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove Slots to choose their weapons and shoot their enemies. The better a player shoots, the more they will win. There will also be up to five other players in the room, so the interaction with other players is also something to be aware of when playing this online slot game. The goal in this slot is to shoot enemies and collect the loot associated with killing them. Each shot take does come with a wagering price, however. The more damage a player does to an enemy, the higher the payout will be.

The Side Quests Of Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove Slots

In addition to the main quest, this online slot game comes with side quests, as well. As players collect keys throughout their adventure, they will be able to use them to open treasure chests and collect prizes. In addition to monetary prizes, some chests will award players will bigger and better weapons to use against more enemies.

Weapons & Enemy Types In Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove Slots

Weapons in the game vary and include a standard pistol, a rapid-fire pistol, a shotgun, a machine gun, a grenade, a mine launcher, a rocket launcher, a plasma rifle, a laser, a railgun, a flamethrower, a cryogun, and an artillery strike. These weapons will be very useful in taking down the three different types of enemies featured in Max Quest: Dead Man's Cove Slots. The first type of enemy is the standard enemy, which consists of rats, crabs, and gulls. The next type of enemy is the special enemy that includes zombies and comes with much larger prizes when killed. The last type of enemy is the legendary bosses who only appear after they are summoned and include Aluren the Siren, Captain Blackbeard, and Leviathan.