VIP Rewards Plan

The VIP Rewards Plan is an excellent concept in online gaming reward systems which have proven to be not only efficient and easy to understand and use but it is also extremely beneficial to the customer. The VIP Rewards Plan offers many benefits to the player which are activated immediately that the player starts placing real money bets at the casino. The rewards system provides a fresh and easy approach to earning extra benefits and at the Drake Casino there is a six level Drake Club where players can earn more points depending on the level that they are at. The levels start at Amber and work their way up to Aluminum which is the top level where players receive the most in benefits and additional customer service

Three Different Rewards to Choose From

The VIP Rewards Plan offers players a choice of three different ways to redeem additional benefits. For every dollar spent at the casino players earn points, the amount of points that they earn totally depends on the games that they are playing and which level of the VIP club they have achieved. These points can be swapped for casino bonuses, sweepstake entries or merchandise all of which are available to choose in the VIP Rewards Plan club. The bonuses awarded are available instantly and depend on the number of points that a player owns, the more points, the more cash he will receive in payouts. The player can click on the number of points that he has available and redeem the amount of cash that corresponds to the number of points. The cash is available in the players casino account within minutes.

No Registration Necessary

The sweepstakes option offers players the change to purchase credits for daily, weekly and monthly sweepstakes where cash prizes and other exciting bonuses are offered. The last option is merchandise where players can choose to purchase gadgets, branded merchandise or even Amazon vouchers with the reward points that they have. In addition to the three different options players can also enjoy special promotions such as game of the month where they can receive additional points when playing the chosen games. Customer service and support in the form of live chat and toll free phone numbers is available around the clock for all VIP Rewards Plan users and all of the services are available around the clock day and night, every day of the year. No registration is needed to be eligible for the VIP Rewards Plan and the minute that players start placing real money bets at the casino, they can earn real points which can be used for all of the benefits described.