Madder Scientist Slots

The original Mad Scientist slot game from Betsoft was a lot of fun as we discovered how mad this scientist was. Now, it would appear he is madder still, thanks to the giveaway Madder Scientist title. But is this game going to be as much fun as the original was, or will it leave us wanting in some way? Let's check it out and meet that scientist once more.

Will you go mad with reels and paylines to cover?

You do receive more lines to bet on because there are 30 provided across five reels.

Are there crazy bets to be placed here?

Start with just two cents per line or go to 50 cents at most. That's because you can go from one to five coins on each of those paylines.

Does the Madder Scientist have crazy icons to look for?

You can win some instant credits if you find the scientist's beakers on the reels. Three are required, and if you get them you can click on one to see what you've won. If you get a collect message, the feature will end. Keep clicking until that happens.

You don't get a wild icon here, but you can get a wild reel. To get this, you must find three switches. A reel is chosen at random to go wild, unlocking several respins with the locked wild reel in place for each one.

Can you play any mad bonus games?

If you can find three or more carrots in one spin, congratulations - you will win your way through to the bonus. The scientist wants to hold some experiments on those poor carrots, so if you help him successfully, you will win some prizes. It is one of the oddest bonus features we've played in a while!

You can decide to respin one or more reels after an initial paid spin in the base game if you want to. This does mean placing an additional bet, the amount of which is shown under each reel. We wouldn't worry about doing this, but it is nice added perk if you want to try it.

Will you download and play Madder Scientist for some crazy fun today?

This little guy and his experiments with carrots makes for a good fun game. But will it be a successful game for you? We guess you'd better check it out and see.